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Undead from the Barrow Valley

Undead from the Barrow Valley


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This product contains clean models, pre-supported STLs and Chitubox files for resin printing.

D&D 5e Statblocks

Each character or creature has their own, custom styled Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition compatible statblock.

Separate Bases

Each base is supportless, so you can print them flat on the build plate. They can be used for other miniatures too!

Product includes:

  • Two sculpts of pre-supported Spectres 3d printable miniatures
  • Two sculpts of pre-supported Wights3d printable miniature
  • One sculpt of pre-supported Wight Prince 3d printable miniature
  • Miniatures without supports, including modular options
  • Modular hands and weapons (reaching, grasping, sabre, bow, great sabre)
  • Modular eye trail whisps for each Spectre miniature
  • Sculpted, 1 inch round bases for each miniature
  • D&D 5e compatible statblock for each miniature type
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