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Merchant section

Here you will find a reference to the Terms and all the key information you might need as a supporter at the Wizard (Merchant) tier of the Patreon.

If there are any questions or issues that need clarification, don't hesitate to send us a message at
[email protected]

General  info

As a Merchant with an active license, you have the right to sell 3d prints of The Printing Goes Ever On models, as well as normal prints of statblocks and battlemaps. Your license also covers all our files, including legacy models available on MyMiniFactory and our store.

The Wizard (Merchant) tier is limited to 20 supporters.

The banner

The typical practice for Patreons with a Merchant tier is having their banner on the sellers site. We consider that a reasonable idea, but want to take it one step further. Thus, Merchants are asked to send us their branding pack (name, logo, images, fonts, etc.) so we can work out a personalized partnership banner, with possible color schemes. This way, the banner will be less invasive on your own layout and theme, while retaining exclusivity and formal partnership statement.

The logo

It would be awesome, if you'd consider using our logo next to yours on pictures of prints of other content that is directly connected to The Printing Goes Ever On brand.  Of course it's cool, if you don't and just follow the Merchant Terms and add a tag or link. A high resolution logo PNG file available here..

The list

All our Merchant Tier supporters are listed on our site (updated as often as possible), under this link. Each Merchant also has their endpoint, with a url /merchant/<merchant-name> that is referenced on their banner. A client can always validate a Merchant by visiting that link.

Merchants are also featured on the landing page, picked at random.

Monthly release media content

We will deposit non-facebook compressed renders of the models on the Google Drive here. Please do not post them prior to their premiere on our channels.

Merchant terms

By subscribing to The Printing Goes Ever On Patreon at Wizard (Merchant) tier, you agree upon the following terms:

  • You cannot sell or distribute the files themselves. This pertains to the STL files, PDF files and image files.
  • Your license covers all our files, including legacy models available on MyMiniFactory and our store.
  • Rights do not include resin or metal casting, as well as injection molding.
  • No file modification allowed. For quality of life mods (like magnet slots in bases), please contact us. We know some of you like to ship models in different configurations, so we will try to accomodate for your needs.
  • Change of pledge to a lower tier revokes the Merchant license.
  • Adventisements, be it on social media or other channels, should contain reference to The Printing Goes Ever On brand (Patreon link and/or social media tag and/or site link). You are also encouraged and authorized to use The Printing Goes Ever On logo on materials covering our content. High resolution PNG file available here..
  • Each Merchant receives a personalized banner they are obliged to place in their store. Please contact us after placing the pledge.
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