Chapter 1 - The Barrow Valley

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As the halflings leave their homes, they encounter a mysterious, yet merry fellow called Thom. They are housed in Thom's hut, together with his beautiful wife.

Thom saves the halflings from the evil Old Silver Sallow, that had put them to sleep. The halflings then come across the Wights from the Barrow Valley, and are once more saved by the lighthearted chap.

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This product contains both clean models and pre-supported STL files for resin printing.

D&D 5e Statblocks

Each character or creature has their own, custom styled Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition compatible statblock.

Separate Bases

Each base is supportless, so you can print them flat on the build plate. They can be used for other miniatures too!

Chapter 1 - The Barrow Valley

August 2020 Patreon release.

The pack contains:

  • 👒 Thom the Bard (base variants with and without foliage)
  • 💮 Silverflower
  • 🌳 Old Silver Sallow in separate, keyed parts. Bonus 3 inch DIY base for traditional crafters using, e.g. water effects. Watch our assembly guide here:
  • 🌱 Root (A)
  • 🌱 Root (B)
  • 💀 Spectre (A) with modular hand and whisps
  • 💀 Spectre (B) with modular hand and whisps
  • 🧟 Wight (A) with modular hand
  • 🧟 Wight (B) with modular hand
  • 🧟‍♂️ Wight Prince
  • ⚫ Separate, sculpted bases for each model
  • 📜 D&D 5e compatible statblocks for each character
  • 🗺️ Three level Barrow Mound battlemap

All medium size models come pre-supported and as clean STL files. Modular models are pre-supported in our configuration of choice.

Patreon post available here.

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