Tales of the Deep - Vol. I

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⚜️ March 2024 Release -Tales of the Deep - Vol. I

  • Barvin - King of Maznar and Fjalar Stoneshard, the king's Advisor
  • King Dunnir and Mavir, his faithful warden
  • Dwarven Adventurers - Murdan and Drafnar
  • Dwarven Command Group
  • Treasury Protector Squad
  • Dwarven Terrains: Mine Entrance, Watchtower and Household
  • Treasure Vault Scatter Props
  • Throwback - Dwarven King and Gates of Maznar Terrain

⚜️ THE WELCOME TROVE - EXPANDED - 33 miniatures in travel and combat poses

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The Printing Goes Ever On creates models from a medieval, fantasy world full of buildings, elves, human warriors, halflings, orcs, and terrifying creatures. We strive to make our miniatures look modest and elegant, not overly exaggerated. Each monthly pack contains brand new, pre-supported, printable miniatures ready for print & play on your tabletop!

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D&D 5e Compatible Statblocks

Each character and creature comes equipped with a custom-designed statsheet. Bring them out to your next game without any fuss!

Tactical Battlemaps

Beautifully designed, high resolution maps that accompany the chapters' miniatures will help make the adventures more immersive! They come in day & night variants, with and without a standard square inch grid applied.

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