About Us

We are a digital design studio, dedicated to creating awesome tabletop models for 3d printing enthusiasts from all over the world.

The Printing Goes Ever On is our flagship project, focused on creating 3d printable models from a medieval, fantasy world full elves, human warriors, halflings, orcs, terrifying creatures and spectacular scenery. The models can be used as proxies for multiple fantasy systems, wargaming, RPGs or display! Each month you get another bundle of minis called a Chapter that you can print and welcome to your tabletop!

Each monthly pack contains brand new, professionally pre-supported, printable miniatures ready for print & play!

Other projects


Props&Beyond is all about 3D printable STL files of props and puzzles for use at RPG sessions, larps or cosplay creations. We focus on DnD and fantasy items, but you'll also find sci-fi, steampunk, eldritch and post-apo themes in here!

We offer a monthly subscription to a fresh set of prop STLs here: https://propsandbeyond.com/monthly-prop-drop/

The store has over 350 models to browse through: https://propsandbeyond.com/shop/

DnD is a Woman

The project is focused on creation of genuine, powerful female 3D models for RPG sessions. It started with our partnership with the YouTube creator Lyla Mev - The Mini Witch. Now we create a community voted model on the project's Tribe: https://www.myminifactory.com/users/Dnd-is-a-Woman

You can also view the whole collection of miniatures created for DnD is a Woman here: https://www.myminifactory.com/users/Dnd-is-a-Woman?show=store
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