Puzzle and Props – Coming soon to Kickstarter!

July 22, 2021

Props & Beyond are bringing you amazing 3D Printable puzzles and props to level up your role play games.
Coming to Kickstarter soon!

Hook the players at your RPG table with amazingly immersive puzzles and props. Wow your gaming group, and capture their attention, when you pull out the actual puzzles they have to solve, or present them with the loot they just plundered!

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Puzzles and Props will launch on Kickstarter later this year and bring you over 100 STL files (all either supportless or pre-supported) covering a huge amount of classic D&D items, all with accompanying stat cards to use in your campaigns.

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Immerse Your Players Into An Amazing Campaign!

At props & beyond We’re all fans of providing physical hooks for our players, be it half-burnt letters, invisible ink maps or mysterious blueprints. But now we have access to 3D printers there’s a whole new world of option to play around with.

We can’t wait for you to be able to see the joy, the concentration, the mild frustration as they work to decipher, unlock, or break fantastical puzzles without the chance of misinterpreting something you have described.

A Full Round Of Feel-Goods At The Gaming Table!

What could be a more satisfying payoff for your players after working through a difficult dungeon and defeating the final boss then to be presented with the epic magical loot they just plundered?

What better reminder of the magical ring your party’s wizard can use than for them to wear it at the table? Got a player with a Figurine of Wonderous Power? With a model on the table, they won’t forget to use it when the combat starts and the dice are rolling!

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