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March 20, 2024

If you are a fan of tabletop gaming, you know that the beauty and detail of miniatures can bring your game to life. These tiny figures give your tabletop world a sense of depth and complexity and make your gameplay experience more immersive.

However, building a collection of miniatures can be a costly venture, and new players may not know where to start. Additionally, choosing where to buy your next fantasy STLs can be a tough decision, as everyone wants to ensure that their money is well spent. The quality of the models is also a crucial factor to consider. To help ease these concerns, we offer a vast selection of high-quality, free models to choose from.

All of our models, including the free ones, are pre-supported or supportless in the case of terrains, ensuring that you can start using them right away without any hassle.

Our pre-supports are easily removable and you can check out the video on how to do this.

Now let’s explore the freebies you can get!

Universal Bases Set – Grab 55 free bases!

We have often received requests and inquiries regarding the availability of bases in certain Chapters. We are pleased to inform you that you now have the option to use any of the bases provided in our free Universal Base Set! All bases come pre-supported and can also print without supports. The set consists of 55 round bases of various sizes and themes – nature, wasteland, ruins, desert, city and clean, flat bases. Grab the set now and enjoy your new bases!

Dwarf Sample from the Modular Miniature Dwarf Customizer

We are excited to present to you a sample pre-supported configuration of a Dwarf Berserker from our Interactive Dwarf Customizer. This bundle includes a pre-supported 28mm dwarf berserker miniature, the STL without supports, a separate, sculpted base, and an illustrated DnD 5e compatible stat block. 

If you’ve been curious about the quality of our customizer, this mini is the perfect opportunity for you to check it out. You can get the full bundle and save $27 if you become a Patron. Additionally, you can try out the Customizer for free! 

We hope you enjoy this mini as much as we do!

Assault Orc Commander

Introducing a 3D miniature of a fearsome and heavily armored Orc, ready to unleash an assault! With its dynamic action pose, this Orc mini will be an exciting challenge to any battle. It also comes with a separate base for display. Even the most skilled adventurers will find it difficult to defeat this formidable opponent!

Bob the Pack Pony

Check out this charming and authentic miniature pony, complete with multiple sacks and a barrel. This delightful little creature is the perfect companion for any traveler, providing a handy and adorable way to transport goods. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add this charming mini pony to your collection today!

Chapter 2 Freebies – Pack of City Items!

If you’re looking to add some realistic touches to your city dioramas or tabletop settings, then you might be interested in this free pack. It includes a variety of basic scatter and furniture items such as a sitting cat, barrels, wooden crates, a wooden cart, a table, a stool, and a chair. Additionally, there’s a wall on a one-inch base that you can use to create a more immersive and detailed scene.

All of these items are designed to enhance your settings and bring them to life, so don’t hesitate to grab them now!

Gollnir – Mines of Maznar

This miniature of a Wizard is a part of the Mines of Maznar collection. It originated as a Kickstarter project and has now become available for purchase in our store. This exceptional collection is perfect for DnD enthusiasts, as it comprises more than 50 miniatures and terrain pieces. We highly recommend you check it out!

Ivory City FronTiers Model – House – Interior and Ruined Version

We offer a medieval-themed set of supportless terrain, which features a beautifully crafted house from the Ivory City collection. This house comes with playable interiors that are bound to provide an immersive experience to the players. Additionally, the set also includes a ruined version of the house, which can be used to create a more realistic and authentic look for your city.

Ellenor – Human Fighter – DnD is a Woman

DnD is a Woman is our smaller project focused on DnD minis of genuine fully-armored female models. Our project is dedicated to creating genuine and high-quality minis that represent powerful and fierce female characters. If you would like to explore more of our collection, please visit our MyMiniFactory page for ‘DnD is a Woman’.

Noonwraith and Monster Hunter – Free STLs from the Nejavina Kickstarter

Are you a fan of playing games that are set in a Slavic-inspired world? If yes, then you would definitely want to get your hands on this spooky Noonwraith miniature that will add a touch of mystery and thrill to your collection. Also we offer a second freebie of Monster Hunter with a horse – a handsome slavic warrior ready to fight! Don’t miss out and grab them both!

Whether you’re looking to improve your painting skills or simply need some inspiration, our freebies were designed to help you get the most out of your gaming experience. 

We’re updating our freebie library to ensure that it remains relevant and helpful, so be sure to check it out sometime in the future! 

Additionally, if you have any suggestions or requests for new resources, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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