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July 31, 2020
Blue SLT wizard, themed Battlemap you can use to play and an D&D statblocks.

In order to save you the trouble, we decided to cover the topic of all file types you will get in monthly packs.

About our 3D Models

The meat and bones of each release, the precious STL files for our 3d printable miniatures.

  1. Pre-supported model(s), ready for resin 3d printing, prepared by Heydash Workshop
    1. STL file with supports embedded
    2. Photon File Validator screenshot as proof of no unsupported islands
  2. Clean model(s)
    1. Raw STL files you can support yourself, or print on FDM, if you are feeling brave (printing the halflings this way is not recommended, given their size!).
  3. Sculpted base
    1. Our bases print supportless, flat on the build plate. If you print them at angles, you will need to support them yourself.

If a model is larger than a normal humanoid, it will usually be split into keyed parts. Each part will be provided as pre-supported and clean models, following the guideline mentioned above.

Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition Statblocks

You don’t have to be playing the Adventures in Middle-Earth RPG to appreciate the characters and models. You can absolutely use the D&D 5e statblocks in your campaign, so you have unique monsters or awesome NPCs at hand!

The statblocks are developed by Jakub Bańka, using a custom designed template by Wiktor “Chochlik” Zaborowski and come with colored concept illustrations by the amazing Jane Saturday, or renders of the models transformed into illustrations.

  1. Colored statblock PDF file
  2. Print-friendly statblock PDF file

Themed Battlemap by The Printing Goes Ever On

Moreover, if you got bored with mundane dungeons, we got you covered. Each release contains a square grid battlemap (or battlemaps!) that fits the given theme or chapter. You can even play out some of the iconic scenes from the books we all love!

What’s more, you can just plug them into Roll20 and have fun with your friends online.

  1. High resolution Battlemap
    1. With 1 inch square grid applied
    2. Without the grid

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