April Painting Contest – Results Announcement

May 10, 2022

Thank you for taking part in our April painting competition! This month the interest exceeded our expectations! We’ve received many entries and that’s also why the level of the competition was so high! You’ve decided to paint many main bosses, so amongst the entries, you can find the creatures such as an enormous war elephant, or fiery Balor, but also many rangers and some orcs! Let’s get to know the winners!

Check out some entries!

In 3rd Place

Berezen by Mário Lukáč

This miniature is just perfect. Starting from the snow sprinkles, awesome color scheme, and the leathery texture of the coat. Mario wins a 20$ voucher for our Digital Store and a Free Patreon Subscription.

In 2nd Place

Balor by Ludovico de Giulio

We love the way you’ve painted all those tiny spaces where “lava” shows through and the dim painting style. You win a 50$ PICK3D Token, a 20$ voucher for our Digital Store, and a Free Patreon Subscription.

In 1st Place

Ranger with a Torch by colorsofmiddleearth

“If you told me it’s the real fire, I’d believe you”, told one of the jury members to the others. And the others agreed. This miniature looks incredibly realistic and we love how you’ve captured the firelight on the ranger’s clothes! Congratulations! You win a 100$ PICK3D Token and a Free Patreon Subscription.

How to claim the prizes?

The winners need to write to tpgeomarketing@gmail.com e-mail or contact us through our Social Media to agree on the PICK3D token prize that is connected to the 3D printing field. The prize value should be equal to the voucher’s (with shipping cost included!). It won’t be possible to get the voucher’s value in cash. The winner shall message us and agree on the prize within 30 days from the date of the contest’s settlement. Otherwise, the prize will lapse!

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