The November Painting Contest – Announcement

December 1, 2021

Thank you all so much for taking a part in our November contest! This time the competition enjoyed great interests that exceeded our expectations! The competition was strong and it was a really hard nut to crack selecting the winners but, eventually, we’ve managed to do it!

Check out some entries here:

3d pre-supported Galadhiel - Queen 3d painted miniature pours water into the magic vessel.
Presupported 3d miniature of Gumann with bears a sword and a green banner.
Painted, presupported 3d miniature of the King sits on the throne and bears a sword in the right hand.
A hand holds a 3d miniature of an old mounted Mage. The Mage bears the wand.
3d printed and painted bust of Galathiel the Queen.
Painted 3d Wraithbeast miniature. Presupported miniature.

In 3rd place:

@ptmarques over on Instagram!

Galadhiel in a Witch form. Painted and printed. 3d presupported miniature.

Congratulations! You’ve won a Free December Patreon Subscription!

In 2nd place:

Olaf Tollesfen over on Facebook!

Painted presupported, purplish Wraithbeast.

Great job! You’ll be getting 20$ voucher for our Digital Store and Free December Patreon Subscription!

In the 1st place:

Tony Kirk over on Facebook!

A mounted 3d miniature of the warrior with raised sword.

Congratulations to Tony! As only one miniature could take a part in the contest, we’ve blurred the others and assessed only the foreground one. Amazing paintwork! You’ve won a 50$ voucher for our Digital Store and Free December Patreon Subscription!

Brace yourself for the upcoming adventure!

Thank you for taking part in the November competition! It was a pleasure to see all the entries created by the TPGEO community! The contest has come to an end but it’s not over yet as another one is coming in December! Print out some miniatures and prepare your paints, brushes, and ideas as another bunch of amazing prizes comes your way!

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