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Modular Half-Orc Shaman

    Modular Half-Orc Shaman


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    This product contains clean models and professionally pre-supported STLs for resin printing.

    D&D 5e Statblocks

    Each character or creature has their own, custom styled Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition compatible statblock.

    Separate Bases

    Each base is supportless, so you can print them flat on the build plate. They can be used for other miniatures too!

    Half-Orc Shaman modular bundle

    Customize your own using our Interactive Modular Mini Customizer! theprintinggoeseveron.com/customizer/

    You can purchase the Half-Orcs full bundle with Customizer access here: Half-Orcs Customizer Modular Bundle


    The bundle contains pre-supported 3d printable parts to make a wide range of Half-Orc Shaman miniatures in 28mm scale.

    • 1 Pose
    • 14 Weapons, Hands and Items
    • 6 Heads
    • 2 Sculpted Bases
    • 3 Cloaks
    • 2 Accessories
    • D&D 5e Statblock
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