Pre-supported Miniatures’ Benefits

August 15, 2020

Most 3d printable miniatures are available only as clean STL files. However, recently more and more Patreon creators started to offer presupported models. Why does it even matter? What are those “supports” about? Are all supports equal to the other? In this text, we’ll explain why exactly they’re so important if you’re up to print your miniatures and what you gain paying for it.

Why it’s worth to use pre-supported models? Well, results speak for themselves when minis just jump out of the support block without pliers or a hobby knife. Lots of time saved, isn’t it?

Presupported – what does it mean?

Basically, the 3d printing process turns a whole object into many teeny-weeny slices and then places them one above the other, from the bottom up, slice by slice. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? The problem comes, when objects are suspended in space. How in fact may we print a hand hanging loosely? Or a tail waving happily above the ground? That’s when pre-supports pick up the pieces. Literally. Presupporting your 3d miniatures with all those towers-looking constructions and placing them below drifting objects, you help your 3d printers to print all minis out infallibly.

Advantages of pre-supporting

  • FAST & EASY: pre-supporting your miniatures you save either yours and your client’s time. It’s fast and easy. All it takes is to immerse your pre supported miniatures in warm water and they’ll just pop out themselves. Like in the video above.
  • PRINT & PLAY: you don’t have to project pre support for miniatures yourself, so again – you save loads of time. With pre supports included you may just download an STL file, turn your 3d printer on, and print. Simple!
A magician demonstrating how quickly he can remove supports from The Printing Goes Ever On pre-supported miniatures. Poof!
Just like that!

Does “presupported” always mean the same?

That’s exactly the case with our 3d printable miniatures. The pre-supports in our company are projected this way by Heydash Workshop. All printed miniatures are tested twice both by him and later, in the company headquarters. Thanks to this solution there’s almost no chance for any errors in our STL files. After countless pre-supported models, Heydash Workshop got to a world-class level. You can check out some free pre-supported minis from Heydash at his Thingiverse profile.

It’s a huge time saver to have a full build plate instantly, without any support work! You may become our Patreon or buy some high quality, pre-supported STL files in our store and spend those saved minutes on painting your pile of shame!

welcome trove pre supported models from the printing goes ever on patreon
Build an army with our pre-supported miniatures!
elf guard in gold elven armor with spear and shield
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