Pre-supported Miniatures' Benefits

August 15, 2020
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Most 3d printable miniatures are available only as clean STL files. However, recently more and Patreon creators started to offer pre-supported models.

Why it's worth to use pre-supported models? Well, results speak for themselves when minis just jump out of the support block without pliers or a hobby knife.

Save time

Just drag the models into your slicer of choice and prepare the print.

Tested prints

At The Printing Goes Ever On, all the pre-supported models are tested both by us, in house, and by Heydash Workshop (the author of our pre-supports).

Professional quality

After countless pre-supported models, Heydash Workshop got to a world-class level. You can check out some free pre-supported minis from Heydash at his Thingiverse profile.

welcome trove pre supported models from the printing goes ever on patreon
It's a huge time save to have a full build plate instantly, without any support work!
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