ORCtober Painting Contest – Results Announcement

November 14, 2022

We’re happy to announce the results of a recent painting contest that took place on our board! Thank you for all the entries, hope you have a lot of fun printing and painting the minis! As promised, we’ve chosen the three best works that you can see below! What are they? Read on and get to know them!

In 3rd place

Hiding Ranger painted by Bastien Poom

Congratulations on the awesomely painted piece Bastien! You win a $20 voucher for our Digital Store and a Free Patreon Subscription!

In 2nd place

Mounted Orc painted by @fantasymaker.pl

Perfect color choice, appropriately grimey and muddy. The fur on the warg really pops, on par with the washed out yet striking red gambeson on the orc. Congratulations on winning a $50 PICK3D Token and a Free Patreon Subscription!

In 1st place

A Shieldman painted by @colorsofmiddleearth

Amazing non-metallic metal paintjob. Our Discord Community had the privilege to view the work in progress on this piece! Congratulations @colorsofmiddlearth! You win a $80 PICK3D Token and a Free Patreon Subscription!

How to claim the prizes?

The winners need to write to tpgeomarketing@gmail.com e-mail or contact us through our Social Media to agree on the PICK3D token prize that is connected to the 3D printing field. The prize value should be equal to the voucher’s (with shipping cost included!). It won’t be possible to get the voucher’s value in cash. The winner shall message us and agree on the prize within 30 days from the date of the contest’s settlement. Otherwise, the prize will lapse!

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