🎨 One Year Anniversary Painting Contest – The Winners! 🎂

August 27, 2021

Thanks to everyone who joined in our 1 year anniversary celebrations with printing and painting our minis.

There are some awesome painters in the TPGEO community and you’ve sent us tons of photos to prove it!

We love creating these sculpts each and every month, but it’s even more amazing to see you guys print, paint and play with them!

Check out some of the entries here:

Or head to Instagram and check out #TPGEOcomp to see even more!

Before we get into the winners for this competition we have an honourable mention to show off:


Honourable Mention:
Ryan Fiedler over on Facebook!


Ryan entered this terrain over on our Facebook page. We loved that he enter a piece of terrain and has done a great job getting it painted!

Congratulations to our three winners, and thanks again to our partners AmeraLabs TGM and RedGrass Games for providing some excellent prizes along with our vouchers and free memberships.


In 3rd Place:
@mranderson3dprints over on Instagram!


We loved the detail in the beard and the great colour palette. It’s not the only brilliant paint job on a TPGEO mini he has on his profile, so we’ll be keeping our eye out for new ones in the future!

Congratulations, you’ve won 0.5L of TGM resin from AmeraLabs, a painting handle pack from RedGrass Games AND a free Patreon month


In 2nd Place:
@angelos_sbg over on Instagram!


Absolutely amazing OSL on the underside of the robes! Super sublte, you can imagine him leading the party though the mines. It was great to get that impression from the model before reading the post and realising that is eactly what they were aiming for. Angelos says this model was a “fun change of pace” for the weekend, and that enjoyment comes through in the finish!

You’ll be getting 0.5L of TGM resin from AmeraLabs, a painting handle pack from RedGrass Games, a free Patreon month AND $20 voucher for our digital store!


In 1st Place and WINNER:
@existential_depression_420 over on Instagram!


A great take on this model. Those dark clothes and the red, dusty base matched with those intense red light coming from under the helmet… Evil riders! Looks great, very unique, and communicates the intent of the paint scheme really well! Great job!

On its way over to you is 1L of TGM resin from AmeraLabs, a wet palette pack from RedGrass Games, a free Patreon month AND a $50 voucher for our digital store!!


Missed Out On Some Of These Minis!?

If you’re inspired by some of the amazing creativety and variety in the community paint schemes, of if you’ve just missed out on some of our brilliant minis, head over to our Patreon for this month’s collection or our Digital store to check out everything we’ve designed over the last year! 


The journey goes ever on!

Thanks again to all the entries we had for the competition, like I said, it was great to see all the amazing painters in the TPGEO community!

And thank you to our entire community who have joined us over the past year. From those who are still here from our very first month, to those of you who just found us recently, it means everything to us that we can all share our love of 3d printable miniautres.

On to our next year of this amazing adventure!

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