Join The Contest And Win Your 3D Printer

November 2, 2020

We are happy to announce that from the 2nd of November all 3d miniatures, fantasy, and tabletop games fans can try their hands at creative struggles! Join our contest and win your 3d printer! Up to the 30th of the same month, you’ll get a unique chance to wipe the dust off your art equipment and keep the creativity muscles a-pumping. Express yourself freely, prepare your 3d miniatures, and create a work that will pave your way to victory!

Contest banner with an stl model in the centre. Two categories - paint and craft. 3d printer and resin in right corner.

Contest agenda:
1. Competition theme and conditions for participation
2. Contest categories
3. List of prizes you can win
4. Bonuses for all participating tabletop games fans
5. Where to post photos of 3d miniatures and dioramas

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The competition falls into two main categories. You may paint your way to the prize or craft it. The choice is yours! Remember though – there’s a theme your work must relate to. In reference to dark times we live in, we decided the most appropriate will be: THERE IS ALWAYS LIGHT IN SHADOWS. To take a chance you need to be our Patreon and use models from any of our Patreon’s Chapters in your work. You may print your 3d minis or buy them from one of our licensed merchants. At this link, you may sink into the detailed rules of the competition (which’s highly recommended if you’re about to join!).

Printable STL models you can use in the contest. Wight, warrior, riders, buildings.


A painter’s quest is to paint one 3d miniature and put it into the theme’s context playing with details, colors, lights, or base. Experiment with your vision and reveal the light!

A craftsman’s task is to create a whole scene around the theme using the items you see fit with at least three of our Patreons’ miniatures included.

If you prefer the Art of Word – we’ve also prepared something for you! The contest for best written and creative comment is held on our Fanpage as well, so prepare your quill… Or keyboard, of course, and click HERE to create one! As a prize, you’ll get a custom miniature (pre-supported STL or 3d print)!


In the beginning, we’ve planned only one printer in the contest prize pool. However, grateful for our Patrons’ commitment and support of our project, we’ve decided to add another one. From now on there will be not one, but TWO Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K Resin 3D Printers as the main prizes! Overall, the prizes for individual places are divided as shown:


Golden Ray (1st place): Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K Resin 3D Printer + bottle of 4K resin “Aqua-Gray 4K” + free shipping + free Patreon month

Silver Ray (2nd place): Voucher for one custom, colored illustration from Saturday Arts + 1L of AmeraLabs AMD-3 grey resin + free Patreon month

Brass Ray (3rd place): Free Patreon month


Golden Ray (1st place): Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K Resin 3D Printer + bottle of 4K resin “Aqua-Gray 4K” + free shipping + free Patreon month

Silver Ray (2nd place): 1L of AmeraLabs AMD-3 grey resin + free shipping + one gaming mat of your choice from https://geekvillain.co.uk/ + free shipping + free Patreon month

Brass Ray (3rd place): Free Patreon month


Golden Quill: the winner gets his hero miniature custom sculpted, as described in the comment – available as a pre-supported STL model or 3d print!

One of two Phrozen Sonic Mini 4k 3d printers, available as main prizes.
Another prize, Amera labs resin AMD-3. Printable and ready to use!
Gaming mat for fantasy tabletop games from Geek Villain.


As you probably know, all our Patreon’s supporters gain a 30% discount for all stl models from our store. Now we’re offering an additional 20% discount for each contest participant! In total, that means 50% LESS PRICE on products from our store for all contestants!


All contest entries on Facebook should be added in comments, under the post right here.

As for Painters and Craftsmen, it will be photos of your prepared works. For Writers, it’ll be a sparkling, original comment.

You may also join the contest on Instagram where you can mark your competition entry as #waytotheprize and tagging @theprintinggoeseveron so we don’t miss your post.


  • It’s not a game of likes! You can be sure that your entries will be judged by an honest, impartial jury consisting of The Printing Goes Ever On team members.
  • You’re very welcomed both as a hotshot and greenhorn. We will evaluate not only realization but also the idea and a way of weaving a theme into your work.
  • We’ll make sure that the atmosphere of the contest is supportive and respectful.
If you know someone who’d like to join the contest – be a good friend and share the news! Let’s make this happening more accessible and exciting together!

Good luck!

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