Halloween Promo for 3D Minis!

October 6, 2023

This Halloween we are offering you a great deal! Feel the spooky spirit with Chapter 22  ‘Lair of the Brood Mother’ and Chapter 24 ‘The Forsaken Marshes’ discounted 60% for everyone! The offer is valid ONLY in October. 

Chapter 22  ‘Lair of the Brood Mother’

This Chapter is filled with creepy Giant Spiders and Webs, Goblin Spiders, Bat Swarm, Ork Taskmaster and terrain pieces for caves.

Chapter 24 ‘The Forsaken Marshes’

This Chapter scares you with Wraiths from the Marshes, Giant War Elephant Skeleton, Marsh Monstrosity, Elven Revenants, Corpses of fallen warriors, Ghouls and spooky terrain pieces!

Use this amazing offer now and save big this Halloween!

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